Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirt for Men and Women, UPF 50 Dri-Fit Performance Clothing – Southern Fin Apparel

  • OUTDOOR UNISEX CLOTHES: Our long-sleeved performance fishing tees are great for anyone who loves fishing and appreciates comfort. Whether the avid fishing enthusiast in your life is a man, woman, or older boy or girl, they’ll love this classy fishing shirt. It’s an excellent gift for your dad or anyone who loves catching fish. Comes in sizes XS to 3XL. Can be worn with overalls, pants, and more!
  • MOISTURE-WICKING: This shirt by Southern Fin Apparel has dri-fit wicking tech that is perfect for fishing during any season because it is made with 100% microfiber. The cool-tech fabric will keep you warm without making you feel overheated or uncomfortable in fall, winter, or any other season. The soft fabric wicks moisture away from the body and helps keep you dry.
  • UPF SUN PROTECTION: These shirts are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation! Sun damage happens whenever you are outside and accumulates over your lifetime. It can contribute to premature skin aging and skin cancer. The more skin you cover with UV and sun protection, the better! These long sleeve tees offer 50+ UPF sun protection while covering your arms.
  • DIFFERENT PRINTS & COLORS: Don’t get boring long-sleeved fishing outfits. These shirts not only have tech that will keep you comfortable, but they come in 7 different pattern and color options. There’s a light gray shirt with a largemouth bass, white with a mahi-mahi, blue with a mako shark, light gold with a native fly, dusty salmon with a redfish, white with a sailfish, and white with a wahoo.
  • SOUTHERN FIN QUALITY: At Southern Fin Apparel, we strive to bring you quality clothes without making you compromise style or comfort. Each of our long sleeve shirts is made with precision and care so that they will last for many fishing trips to come. Stay comfortable and dry all day without getting sun exposure on your arms and torso.

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When you’re out on the lake for the day trying to reel in something good, you shouldn’t have to worry about becoming too sweaty or getting sunburned. You also shouldn’t have to deal with fabric that is scratchy and uncomfortable. Our performance fishing shirts are just what you need to avoid all of these types of issues that can ruin a great fishing trip. These fishing shirts are made of high-quality microfiber fabric that provides UPF 50+ sun protection for long days of fishing or other outdoor activities. This soft fabric not only protects you from the harmful consequences of sun exposure, but it also keeps you comfortable by using moisture-wicking technology. Instead of sitting in sweat all day, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip with our 100% microfiber dri-fit material to wick sweat away and keep you cool. These fishing shirts aren’t just for men, but they’re also great for women and youth. With unisex images, patterns, and colors, a Southern Fin Apparel fishing shirt makes a perfect gift for any avid fisherman in your life. They’re sure to love this quality gift from a company that cares. At Southern Fin Apparel, we do our best to offer high-quality products that will bring joy and comfort to anyone who loves fishing. These shirts come in sizes XS to 3XL. They also come in 7 different colors and patterns: light gray with a largemouth bass, white with a mahi-mahi, blue with a mako shark, light gold with a native fly, dusty salmon with a redfish, white with a sailfish, and white with a wahoo. Fishing is a way of life, and we have created apparel that will help you live that life to the fullest. Enjoy your next fishing trip in this stylish and comfortable long-sleeved performance fishing shirt.