ParaWild Shark Helmet Accessories w/Sticky Hook & Loop Fastener Adhesive (Helmet not Included), Fun Fin/Ears/Mohawk/Covers for Snowboarding, Skiing, Biking, Cycling

  • Removable fin for any type of ski, motorcycle, snowboard, bike, scooter helmet
  • Attached with industrial hook-and-loop fastener and removes without a trace without damaging helmet (although we don’t know why you’d ever want to take them off!)
  • Amazing packaging with Shaka the Shark, great for presents!
  • Feel good about your purchase! 5% of profits go towards endangered species

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Looking to give your current helmet a splash of fun? Why do helmets have to be boring? Our mission is to add some excitement to this otherwise dull piece of gear and make safety fun! Attachable and easily removable furry plush accessories attach onto any ski, snowboard, bicycling, motor, or skateboarding helmet. ParaWild accessories attach with industrial hook-and-loop fastener that’s tested to extreme temperatures and speeds, and uses high quality fur that’s easy to clean and keeps its shape in changing environments. Installation is quick and easy with no damage to the helmet when removed! Designed in Vancouver Canada by three creative girls, these accessories have gift-friendly packaging and install fast and easy on any helmet.