PattyCandy Autumn Woodland Animals Unicorns Forest & Christmas Kids Lightweight Slip Ons Shoes,Size: C=Child & Y=Youth

  • Made from heavyweight canvas
  • Slip on design
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Comfortable sole
  • Size: US 8C,US 9C,US 10C,US 10.5C,US 11C,US 11.5C,US 12C,US 12.5C,US 13C,US 13.5C,US 1Y,US 1.5Y,US 2Y,US 2.5Y,US 3Y,US 3.5Y,US 4Y,US 4.5Y,US 5Y,US 5.5Y,US 6Y,US 6.5Y,US 7Y

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One of a kind designs on a slip-on shoes for the little ones. Easy to wear and lightweight.